Lampu Jalan TL Flourescent Explosion Proof

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Jual Lampu Jalan PJU

jual lampu tl explosion proof

Dengan spesipikasi lampu jalan pju explosion proof sebagai berikut :

Zone 1 and Zone 2
Zone 21 and Zone 22
Meet the necessities in the following industries, such as petroleum, chemical, electricity, medicine, textile, wine-making, aerospace, military, fire-fighting, etc.

Features and benefits

◆ Explosion protection to
◆ Two enclosure types: 18W, 36W.
◆ Enclosure in glass fibre reinforced polyester, diffuser in
polycarbonate, corrosion-proof
◆ Ex e enclosure with explosion-proof components inside
◆ Safety interlock between enclosure and diffuser switches
off on opening
◆ Electronic ballast, power factor≥0.95
◆ Emergency unit with protections against over charge and
over discharge.
◆ End of lamp life (EOL) rectification effect protection.

lampu jalan pju bys

Outline and installation dimensions

lampu jalan pju outline

Technical data Lampu Jalan Explosion Proof


   Explosion protection 
      Gas explosion protection               II2 G Ex de IIC T4 Gb
      Dust explosion protection               II2 D Extb ⅢC T80℃ Db  IP66
    Conformity to standards       EN 60079-0: 2012,EN 60079-1: 2007,EN 60079-7: 2007,EN 60079-31: 2009,
        IEC 60079-0: 2011, IEC 60079-1: 2007, IEC 60079-7: 2006,IEC 60079-31: 2008
      Enclosure       GRP, stands 7J impact, corrosion-proof
      Diffuser       Polycarbonate, 90% light transmission, stands 7J impact
      Ballast       Explosion-proof electronic ballast, power factor ≥0.95, with protection against short
       circuit, overload, lamp aging,lamp damage and dissymmetry power of lamp tube.
    *Emergency unit       Special emergency controller and NI-MH battery pile, with protection against over
       charge and over discharge
      Emergency controller       Explosion-proof emergency controller.
      Exposed fastener       Stainless steel
      Lamp brand       PHILIPS T8 (supplied with the light fittings)
      Lamp power(W)       36W×2         18W×2
       36W×1         18W× 1
      *Emergency power(W)       36W×1         18W×1
      *Emergency start time       0.3s
      *Charge time       24h
      *Emergency lighting time       120min (180min is optional)
   Rated voltage         96-254VAC 50/60Hz
   Protection class         Ⅱ (Protection against electric shock)
   Degree of protection         IP66
   Ambient temperature         -25℃〜+55℃
   Terminal         3×1.5~4mm2 (L+N+PE)
   Cable entries         4×φ26: 2× M25×1.5 cable gland  2 x M25×1.5 plug.
   Available cable outer diameter         φ10~φ14 (mm)

*:Parameter with emergency.

Outline and installation dimensions

                    Size(mm) TypeABCD
SerialnumberName Remark
1    Mounting rack
2Explosion-proof light fittingsfor fluorescent lamp
3    Hook    User-supplied
4    Chain
5    Hook    User-supplied
6    Eye bolt
7    Fixed plate
8    Bend pipe    G1
9    Cable    User-supplied
10    Fasten clamp    User-supplied
11    Pipe clamp
12    Mounting rack (30°)
13    Mounting rack (90°)
14    Mounting rack
15    Screw    M8
16    Pipe    G11/4
17    Pipe    G11/4
18    U Type pipe clamp    User-supplied
19    Explosion-proof pipe connector    G3/4
20    Explosion-proof junction box(ⅡC)    AH-C/G3/4C

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