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Lampu Explosion Proof LED HLBY01

Jual Lampu LED Explosion Proof Indonesia, Harga Lampu Explosion Proof Berkualitas Terjangkau.

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Jual Lampu Explosion Proof LED


1. 2 area Ⅱ A ~ Ⅱ C explosive gas environment, and/or 21, 22 combustible dust places;
2. temperature classes T1 ~ T6.
3. Indoor, outdoor (IP66, IP67 *, * when ordering need to come up with);
4. Used in chemical industry, oil refining, oil drilling, oil tankers, military industry,ocean oil platform, derrick dangerous places, such as lighting and power for emergency lighting.


1. The shell is made of high strength aluminum alloy, surface anodic oxidation treatment, two end cover for cast aluminualloy die-casting molding, surface of high voltage electrostatic spraying,exposed fastening pieces is stainless steel , beautiful appearance;
2. The high-energy impact of toughened glass, high light transmittance.
3. The silicone rubber seal, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, has a good waterproof, dustproof performance;
4. More than leds reasonable configuration, high efficiency and energy saving, luminous efficiency p 120 lm/W, color rendering index of 80 or  more, a long life 50000 hours or more, the long-term use of free maintenance; Green environmental protection, LED does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, waste recycling;
5. Special constant current source, wide voltage (95 ~ 95 v) input (also can be made DC24/36 v), constant power output,power factor 0.98 or higher, with constant voltage and constant current, over current, open circuit, short way, anti surge protection function;
6. Rendering color good, cold white, natural light and warm white light color can be optional,it can meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the traditional lamps and lanterns of color temperature on the high side  or low depressive mood, make the observation of comfort, improve work efficiency.
7. Used in oil field of bad environments, such as, derrick, oil production platform, can install according to the fall prevention safety device.

Model implication Lampu Explosion Proof

model lampu explosion proof

Light distribution curve

model lampu explosion proof curva

Energy-efficient comparison

Type Fluorescent lamp 18W×2 HLBY01-20 Fluorescent lamp 36W×2 HLBY01-40
   Rated  power (W) 36 20 72 40
   Rated current (A) 0.17 0.09 0.33 0.18
   Power factor COSø 0.95 0.98 0.95 0.98
   Rated luminous flux (lm) 2500 2400 5000 4800
   Service life (h) 13000 50000 13000 50000
   Energy-efficient effect   When Rated luminous flux is similar, HLBY01- Series lamp can reduce 50% power around, save 55% electricity around, prolong almost 4 times lamp service life, reduce maintenance costs and reduce PTD system consumption.


Outline & installation dimensions

model lampu explosion proof dimension

Size(mm) A B C D E
12, 15, 20 300 400 420 108 133
25, 30 410 540 560 108 133
30L, 40, 50 500 835 855 108 133
No. Item Remark
1   Mounting base
2   Explosion-proof energy-efficient LED fluorescent lamp
3   Hook Provided by user
4   Chain
5   Hook Provided by user
6   Ring bolt
7   Mounting block G1
8   Elbow
9   Explosion-proof flexible pipe and cable Provided by user
10   Flexible pipe clamp Provided by user
11   Pipe clamp
12   Mounting rack
13   Screw M8
14   Pipe G11/4
15   Pipe G11/4
16   U pipe clamp Provided by user
17   Explosion-proof pipe joint G3/4
18   Explosion-proofjunction box (IIC) AH-B/G3/4C

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