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Box Panel Listrik Explosion Proof

Jual Box Panel Listrik Dapatkan Harga Box Panel Listrik Dengan Harga Jual Panel Listrik Murah & Berkualitas Negosiabel 081210895144

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Jual Box Panel Listrik Explosion Proof

box panel listrik

Application Box Panel Listrik :

Zone 1 and Zone 2
Zone 21 and Zone 22
Meet the necessities in the following industries, such as petroleum, chemical, electricity, medicine, textile, wine-making, aerospace, military, fire-fighting, etc.

Features and benefits

◆ Explosion protection to
◆ Copper-free aluminium enclosure; powder coated surface.
◆ Five types of enclosure .

Catalogue number logic



Box Panel Listrik Technical data

Exposion-proof distribution boxes (Control stations) HLDP03-C
  Explosion protection
     Gas explosion protection                II2 G Ex d IIΒ T6 Gb
     Dust explosion protection               II2 D Ex tb IIΙC T80℃ Db ΙP66
  Conformity to standards       EN 60079-0:2012,EN60079-1:2007,EN60079-31:2009
      IEC 60079-0:2011,IEC60079-1:2007,IEC60079-31:2008
   Enclosure Material    Aluminium alloy;powder coated surface
   Enclosure colour    Gray-white with mental lines
   Exposed fastener    Stainless steel
   Rated voltage    Max.690V AC
   Rated current    10A
   Degree of protection    IP66
   Ambient temperature    -60℃~+55℃
   Components    1.HL0105 pushbutton technical data on P40;
   2.HL0106 indicator technical data on P42;
   3.Control switch;
   4.Explosion-proof ammeter/voltmeter;
    Cable entries    Standard M□×1.5 plug.
    Mounting    Surface type


Dimension drawings (all dimensions in mm)-subject to alteration

box panel listrik dimension


Control station HLDP03(Ex d IIB ) selection table

box panel listrik dimension2

081210895144 / 085220615000

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