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Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto D810

Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto D810 Touch adalah 15 mode pengukuran LDM yang akurat hingga 1/16 inci. Ini fitur UI layar sentuh, kamera digital terintegrasi, sensor kemiringan, dan Bluetooth Smart.

Teknologi Mengukur dalam Gambar (MIP) eksklusif D810 dapat menentukan tinggi, lebar, luas, diameter, atau keliling suatu objek dalam gambar yang diambil oleh D810. Braket target Anda menggunakan pointer pada layar sentuh untuk mengukur jarak jauh dari jendela cerita kedua, luas papan reklame, atau diameter tangki di atas tanah.

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Jual Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto D810

Dengan kisaran 600′-plus, Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto D810 Touch dapat memperoleh target yang jauh melampaui kemampuan mata Anda untuk melihat titik laser, terutama di luar. Titik finder – kamera digital zoom 4x dengan rambut silang pada layar LCD – memecahkan masalah ini.

Semakin jauh Anda bisa menembak, semakin banyak rintangan yang menghalangi Anda. Smart Horizontal memungkinkan Anda untuk memotret melewati rintangan sehingga Anda dapat mengukur jarak horizontal ke target Anda.

Pada jarak, bahkan goyangan kecil dalam alat diterjemahkan ke titik laser terpental dalam busur lebar pada target Anda. Untuk hasil terbaik saat mengukur jarak jauh, pertahankan titik Anda dengan tripod dan adaptor. Paket Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto D810 Pro mencakup D810, TRI70 Tripod, Leica’s FTA360 Fine Tune Adapter yang dipatenkan, dan hard case untuk membuatnya tetap teratur.

Features and Functions

360° Tilt Sensor Icon360° Tilt Sensor

Functions that need to know the angle of the DISTO when the shot is taken are enabled by a highly accurate 360° tilt sensor that determines the angle of the laser. These include Smart Horizontal and Height Tracking modes.


4x Zoom Pointfinder camera Icon4x Zoom Pointfinder camera


The onboard digital camera features a 4x digital zoom “point finder” that shows you where the dot is even if you can’t see it with the naked eye. Put the crosshairs on the spot you are measuring to and hit the button. It’s that simple.

Accurate to 1/16 of an inch IconAccurate to 1/16 of an inch

That’s right: A sixteenth of an inch. Take out a pair of earbuds. Look at how wide the the 1/8″ jack is. Now divide that by half.


Add & Subtract IconAdd & Subtract

It’s not always so simple as taking one shot to get the measurement you need. Sometimes its handy to add multiple shots together, or subtract a negative space from a measurement.

As you use the Add/Subtract function, the final result is displayed in the main line, and the last measurement taken is shown above.

Area / Volume IconArea / Volume

Area / Volume

In area mode, the DISTO determines the area of a rectangle or square in two shots.

Volume mode adds a third vertical shot to calculate volume.

Bluetooth Smart (4.0) IconBluetooth Smart (4.0)


Send measurements directly to your apps using Bluetooth Smart.

See our App Directory for a list of apps that all kinds of professionals are using to transform the way they work.

See our blog for more information about device compatibility.

The free Leica DISTO Sketch App lets you take a picture with your iPhone or Android and layer measured lines on top of it.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) IconBuilding Information Modeling (BIM)

Bluetooth DISTOs & the wifi 3D DISTO are useful for Building Information Modeling (BIM).

For more information on how Leica Geosystems supports BIM across our product line, check out the BIM Field Trip on our corporate site.

Compass IconCompass

The D810 touch is like that big Swiss Army knife you always wanted, the one with all the doodads.

The compass is useful for answering questions like, “Wait. Is this the north elevation or the west elevation?” or “Which way am I facing?”

Diameter IconDiameter


The Diameter function uses Measure in Picture technology to determine the diameter of cylindrical objects, like tanks.

The read out also provides circumfrence (top number) and circular area.

Dual Lense Cameras IconDual Lense Cameras

The dual lense digital camera employs a wide field lens and a 4x zoom lens to power Measure in a Picture (MIP) technology — the most advanced handheld remote measurement technology currently available.

Combined with the data returned by the laser and the tilt sensor, the software uses the fixed focal lengths of the lenses to determine height, width, and area in MIP mode or the circumference and volume in Measure a Cylinder mode.

The unit stores images with measurements laid over them for recall on the device or to download later, an especially useful feature for as-built measuring or Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Height Profile Tracking IconHeight Profile Tracking

Measure slopes with multiple shots. Each shot is stored as a profile pair that references the step before it.


Height Tracking ProfileHeight Tracking

“Real time” height tracking for situations where you can hit a reflective target (like the ground) on the low end, but not at the top. Perfect for measuring the height of an overhead wire, for example.


Ingress Protection Rated IP54 IconIngress Protection Rated

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating was developed by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) to create a standard of toughness.

The first number, in this case a 5 out of 6, is the rating for protection against dust. The second number, in this case a 4 out of 8, is the rating for protection against liquids.

See the Certifications page for detailed information about the IP standard.

Add & Subtract IconIntelligent Endpiece

Intelligent Endpiece

The endpiece is an integral part of the tool, connected to the circuit board.

In the closed position the DISTO knows to measure from its base.

Flip it open 90 degrees to align the base perfectly on an edge or corner.

Flip it out all the way and you can put this baby in a corner to accurately measure diagonals. Otherwise, the width of the base would prevent you from getting all the way into the corner, rendering the measurement inaccurate.

Measure in Picture Function IconMeasure in Picture

Follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Using a tripod or FTA360, locate your D810 touch perpendicular to the object you’re measuring and switch it on.
  2. From the FUNC touchscreen, select the MWP icon .
  3. Use the “pinch-zoom” on the touch screen so the measured object fills >50% of the D810 touch display
  4. Press the MWP key once to switch on the laser. Aim to the object’s center. Press the MWP key again to measure the distance.
  5. Touch and activate the left arrow in the display (becomes red) the use the “+” and “-” touch keys to align the arrow to the left side of the object. Repeat for the right side of the object. The width is updated on the display, typical accuracy is 1% of the width.
Memory Stores 30 Displays IconMemory stores 30 Displays

Store measurements and images with measurements associated with them.


Min / Max Function IconMin / Max Function

Min / Max Function

In Min/Max mode, you “sweep” the laser point into a corner. The longest measurement is recorded. Very useful for accurate diagonal room or window/door measurements.

Painter Function IconPainter Function

Painter Function

When the DISTO is in area or volume mode, you can use the add / subtract function to total up the area of several surfaces, or subtract an area, like a door for example, from a measurement.

Personalize Favorites IconPersonalize Favorites

Personalize Favorites


With over 20 functions, chances are you are going to use one or two more than the rest. This Favorites function lets you bookmark your most-used functions on the tabs at the bottom of the touch screen.


Pythagoras Function IconPythagoras Function

Two Point Pythagoras

Take indirect height and width measurements using the Pythagorean Theorem.

Three Point Pythagoras

The key is to make sure your second shot — the “rectangular shot” — is perpendicular to the point you are measuring, shown as the 90° angle in the images. The best way to ensure accuracy is to use a tripod and an adapter.

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery IconRechargeable Battery

This DISTO will take approximately 4000 measurments per charge. The 3D DISTO will typically last a full working day of 8 hours.


Single Measurement 660ft Range IconSingle Measurement 660ft Range


The big receiver lens and the module it is connected to can see a laser dot outside at distances of over 600 ft, depending on conditions.

Sloped Object Measurement IconSloped Object Measurement



Indirect distance measuring between two points. The reported measurements also include the horizontal distance between the two points, the vertical distance between the two points, and the angle between the points.

Smart Horizontal Mode IconSmart Horizontal™ Mode

Smart Horizontal Mode

Use Smart Horizontal to determine the level horizontal distance to a target when you have to shoot over an obstacle. The onboard 360° tilt sensor provides an angle measurement so the software can do the math to figure out how much to subtract from the angled shot to get the actual horizontal distance.

Stake Out Function IconStake Out Function

Stake Out Function

The stake out function uses the continuous measurement mode to indicate where to place stakes along a stake-out line. Ideal for any situation where you need to place objects at a consistent interval. The display shows the distance to the next stake out point and the DISTO beeps as you approach it.

Timer IconTimer

Set a timer to delay a measurement the same way you would with the shutter on a digital camera.


Touchscreen IconTouchscreen

The D810 Touch & S910 are touchscreen laser distance measures.

In addition to making it easier for you switch between the functions, you can use familiar pinch and expand motions on the touchscreen to zoom the camera in or out.

In Measure in Picture mode, you can tap and hold the brackets used to identify the points in the picture that you want to measure.

Trapezium Function IconTrapezium Function

Trapezium Function

The Trapezium Function is useful for determining the length and slope of a roof section, and the area it covers. The DISTO uses the its internal tilt sensor to calculate the angle and the distance between the shots, which means you can measure roofs accurately from the ground.

Triangle / Room IconTriangle / Room

Triangle / Room

The simple area function is great when a room is a square or rectangle, but what if you have to determine the area of a room that has more than four corners? That is where the triangle function comes in. Divide the room into imaginary triangles, take three shots for each and then add them up. The DISTO will also tell you circumfrence and the angle of the triangle.

USB Port IconUSB Port


Spesifikasi Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto D810

ISO 16331-1 certified typical measuring accuracy ± 0.04 in
ISO 16331-1 certified typical measuring range up to 660 ft*
Measuring units 0.000 m, 0.0000 m, 0.00 m, 0.00 ft, 0’00” 1/32, 0.00 in, 0 in 1/32
Power Range Technology Yes
Pointfinder with 4x zoom Yes
Overview camera Yes
Photograph file format .jpg
Memory Last 30 displays
Windows Software DISTO Transfer with AutoCAD® plugin
Free App iOS / Android
Data interface* Bluetooth® V4.0 Smart
Measurements per set of batteries up to 4000**
Multifunctional end-piece Automatic recognition of measurement position
Batteries Li-ion rechargeable
Tripod thread ¼”- 20
Protection class IP 54 – splash water/ dust proof
Dimensions 6.4 x 2.4 x 1.2 in
Weight with batteries 8.5 oz
EAN/UPC 7640110694640

* Depending on ambient light and reflectivity of the target surface.

Download Brosur Spesifikasi Jual Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto D810 Lengkapnya >> KLIK DISINI <<

Jual Laser Distance Meter Leica Disto D810 dengan harga murah, diskon dan cari produk brand LEICA lainnya dari kelompok Distance Meter. Gratis ongkos pengiriman guna wilayah Jakarta dan bisa dikirim ke semua Indonesia. Dapatkan selalu di toko online, melakukan pembelian barang online gampang dan aman.




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