Lampu Sorot LED Explosion Proof BAT52-E

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Jual Lampu Sorot LED Explosion Proof


  1. Can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2,groupⅡA,ⅡB and ⅡC explosive gas atmosphere and Zone 20,Zone 21 and Zone22 flammable dust atmosphere.
  2. Temperature class: T1~T6.
  3. Indoor or outdoor(IP66).
  4. Can be used in the chemical, petroleum refining, petroleum exploitation, offshore platform, tankers, military industry and other dangerous place.

Features Lampu Sorot LED Explosion Proof

  1. Enclosure is cast with aluminum alloy, surface is sprayed with plastic by high pressure static, fine outline.
  2. High-energy impact resistance toughen glass, outer fasteners are made of stainless steel.
  3. Silicone rubber seal, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, has a good waterproof, dustproof performance.
  4. Luminaries chamber, electrical equipment chamber and connection chamber are independent respectively, which reduce the heat source of electrical cavity constant. To ensure that the service life of the lamps, when connecting wiring only need open connecting line cavity which is easy installation, maintenance and safety.
  5. Lots of leds reasonable configuration, high efficiency and energy saving, higher luminous efficiency better than 120 lm/W and color rendering index is 80  or higher, super long life more than 50000 hours, the long-term use of free maintenance; Green environmental protection, the LED does not contain lead, mercury pollution elements, also can waste recycling.
  6. The secondary optical design and patent reflectors which effectively improve the efficiency of the use of lamps,uniform illumination.
  7. Wide voltage(150~260V) input (also can do toDC24/36V), constant output,negative feedback circuit protection, good stability.
  8. The color rendering is good: cold white, natural light, warm white mere are available, can meet different environment’s demands, dispel traditional lamps and lanterns color temperature on the high side or on the low side to cause inhibiting mood, make it feel more comfort able to observe, improve personnel’s working efficiency.
  9. Special Angle adjusting mechanism which according to customer requirements, adjust the irradiation Angle, can be installed in horizontal or wall lamp body.
  10. Wiring with cable.

Model implication

lampu sorot led

Light distribution curve

harga lampu sorot led

Main technical parameters

Rated voltage(V)
Light source power(W)
Degree of protection
Erosion-proof class
Cable outer dia.(mm)
Inlet thread(G)
50, 60, 75, 85,100,
120, 140, 150, 160, 180
WF1, WF2*



Ex tD A21 IP66 T80℃



Energy-efficient comparison

High pressure mercury lamp (250W)
BAT52-E 100
Rated power (W)
Rated current (A)
Power factor COSø
Rated luminous flux (lm)
Service life (h)
Energy-efficient effect
When Rated luminous flux is similar, BAT52-E 100- Series lamp can reduce more than 50% power, save 50% electricity around,
prolong more than 10 times lamp service life, reduce maintenance costs and reduce PTD system consumption.

Outline & installation dimensions

jual lampu sorot led murah

081210895144 / 085220615000

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